Torben Bernhard (director) is a director/cinematographer/editor born and raised in Kalamazoo, Michigan. His feature documentary film, The Sonosopher: Alex Caldiero in Life…in Sound, premiered at Cinequest International Film Festival and will receive distribution through Dream Garden Press. Torben has directed and produced several short and feature documentaries that have screened at film festivals, received glowing reviews, generated community buzz, and been selected for distribution. Torben was also recently a member of the design team for the Reinvention Summit, the world’s first virtual conference on storytelling. He is currently working on a set of documentaries called the Lost and Found Series, which explore the theme of “losing and finding” through various subjects and locations, from Utah to Thailand. He is co-founder of OHO Media and performs in Detroit-based hip-hop group Mental Elastic Dynasty, most recently performing at SXSW and the
NYC Marathon.

Travis Low (director) is a curious artist with a background and education in music, philosophy, film and literature. He blends these varied interests and experiences together in his filmmaking and storytelling. This diversity allows him to flexibly approach, capture and present his subjects with a wide range of perspectives and methods. Travis seeks out stories which are grounded in the everyday, but also reveal obscure layers of meaning and emotion, illuminating the enigmatic aspects of our shared human experience. This approach is embodied in his first feature-length documentary, "The Sonosopher: Alex Caldiero in Sound", and is the guiding principle behind his current work with the films in OHO Media’s Lost and Found Series.

Alex Caldiero, the subject of this documentary, was born in 1949 in the ancient town of Licodia Eubea, Sicily. He immigrated to the U.S. at age nine and was raised in Manhattan, New York. He attended Queens College and was apprenticed to the sculptor Michael Lekakis and the poet-bard Ignazio Buttita. He is co- founder of Arba Sicula, the society for the preservation of the Sicilian language and traditions, and is the recipient of grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, Utah Performing Arts Tour, and from the Associations for Mormon Letters. Caldiero has lived in Utah since 1980 with his wife and children. He is currently the Artist in Residence at Utah Valley University. Caldiero's work has been reviewed by Village Voice and The New York Times and is included in “A Dicitonary of the Avant-Gardes.”

Co-Directors: Torben Bernhard
Co-Producers: Marissa Bernhard
Vegor Pedersen
Cinematography: Torben Bernhard
Editing: Torben Bernhard
Additional Cinematography: Alex Caldiero
Andrew James
Editing Supervisor: Marissa Bernhard
Production Sound: Torben Bernhard
Cade Thalman
Post-production Sound: Andy Patterson
Production Assistants: Jason Grotegut
Jo Perez
Original Music: Alex Caldiero
Gentry Densley
Tom Abbott
Photography: Ashley Thalman